What to do when copy post?Google Scraper Report

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In recent years Scraping content has been very common,   Google Scraper Report

until a couple of years ago Google penalized websites that had copy content, with its Panda algorithm. Yet there are still many websites that continue to do this practice. So Google has created a report so that those who generate content can notify the search engine directly and take action with the SPAM website. This form has been called the  Google Scraper Report .

It’s really simple to use, you only have three fields to fill in. The first field corresponds to the URL that contains the original content, the second corresponds to the URL you are copying and finally the URL of the search where it is seen that the web you are copying is above the original web. Now thanks to this comes to the Google SPAM team and they will take the necessary steps. Although it is known that these measures are not immediate, it is about learning patterns to detect duplicate contents.

Unfortunately I have had this scenario several times, in which the web that copied me was higher than my website when it was the one that produced the original content and this tool would have helped me a lot, now since Panda it is rare to see this situation, but even so it is grateful that there is this type of forms so that you can record the SPAM webs.

If someone has made use of the  Google Scraper Report and wants to tell their experience, if you have seen their search engine positions improve, it would be great to know your story.

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