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india is safe  India is safe or dangerous to visit ??

India is a beautiful country but have some dangerous Fact from last some year but India is safe to visit . i think no

many people ask this question India is safe place to visit them lets see what is dangerous  in India.


terrorist attacks 

specially  terrorist attacks is big problem from Hindu terrorist  on foreigners . some Indian Hindu didn’t like foreigners tourist and attack and he harass and attack him.

3470 peoples killed and 5000  peoples injured  terrorist attacks in 2016

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from last some year  women’s rap is biggest problem . but for Indian rap is no problem. Indian police also support them. and also rap them for rapping. Crime Records Bureau 2016 annual report 35,925 rape also 475 foreign women  cases were reported all across India in 2016


2017’s  biggest story was about rap guru  gourmet ram Rahim singh that was raped 2 women in 2002  but after 15 year high court jailed him in August 2017 for 10 year . but Hindu terrorist protest against this punishment and he fired thousands cars trucks and media vans.


murder is 2nd  crime with larger number . every year thousands killed by drug  mafia , smuggling mafia , kidnapping and protester .

NCRB 2016 annual report 2016 30731 people murder in efferent situations.

india is safe for visit



every year 1 million plus robbery cases reported  in India  .


near by 20,000 kidnapping case registers every year in India

more reports by USA today




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