india transit visa fees and requirement documents

process of india transit visa

what is india transit visa and how to get and use it

for non Indian citizens india transit visa is short period visa for 3 days .  to travel through India to reach there destination . Chang of purpose is not allowed . those people for that are traveling out side of India  to crossing India

India transit visa


india transit visa is valid for 3 days single /doable entry  after in 15 days of issue date. India transit visa is valid for direct transit for 3 days only .


document requirement

you need following documents for  transit visa .

application form 

you can download from here ….  download form

pasted with photograph on form

fill it with black pencil


you need 2 passport size photos with blue backgrounds.

for Pakistani citizens at least 4 photos is must


original passport with 2 blank pages with minimum 8 months validity before the applying the visa date .


the different transit visa fees for different  countries

for USA citizens . 15 days doable entry . total 47 dollars

for uk    citizens  .15 day single entry  .95 dollars .for sari Lanka citizens 15 days . 37 dollars

non USA …. 27 dollars

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