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travel writingWhen you dream regarding your writing career,does one image yourself sitting at a romantic restaurant,

daylight streaming through the windows to light the table?

As you sit, sipping a steaming espresso, you scribble in your notebook regarding your world travels.
If you have got travel stories to inform, many markets square measure quite willing to get hold of your stories regarding destinations, tips and your experiences on the road.

Think outside the box

 Don’t assume travel writing  job is proscribed to travel-specific magazines or travel websites. many native and regional publications square measure actively craving for travel stories, typically for destinations right in your own curtilage.

Many envision travel writing as sharing tales of globetrotting and running with the bulls in Pamplona, exploring the traditional relics of Rome, or island hopping within the Pacific Ocean. however that’s solely atiny low a part of travel writing.

Publications square measure usually even a lot of wanting to snaffle stories regarding the lake AN hour away that produces a straightforward weekend getaway or the close metropolitan town that encompasses a new art exhibit and nice eating place scene.

Check out these thirty four paying travel markets for simply many ideas wherever you’ll be able to sell your travel writing.

travel writing job


Click on every title to access submission tips or editorial contacts.

1. bullfighter Network

Matador Travel seeks original writing, image and video contributions “that speak to the adventures, cultures, and identities of individuals round the world.” It suggests writers pay time on the positioning to visualize what’s already lined, and pitch new topics and angles.

While the web site doesn’t list a particular payment, World Health Organization Pays Writers reports payments starting from $0.03 to $0.09 per word.

2. BootsnAll

Submit a feature or a writing on semipermanent freelance travel and earn $50 from the BootsnAll web site.

This web site usually appearance for interviews with travelers and recommendations on saving cash, packing and different topics, however make certain to ascertain its tips to induce a concept of simply what BootsnAll is craving for at the time you wish to contribute. incorporate submissions square measure usually terribly specific.

3. Outpost Magazine

Outpost Magazine appearance for submissions regarding travel, journey and culture. it’s craving for longform travel stories, travel guides, and gorgeous photography. The publication is Canadian and it’s a “Canadian slant.”

Columns and stories generally vary from 800 to one,500 words and options may be up to regarding five,000 words; pay varies.

4. Wanderlust

This British travel magazine publishes destination options up to a pair of,200 words, at the side of shorter dispatches, interest options and client articles. Pay is usually £220 (about $325) per one,000 words, however rates vary.


AFAR Magazine appeals to college-educated, high-income readers World Health Organization look for a private affiliation through travel. The publication is craving for pitches for One nice Block (focusing on one block of 1 special neighborhood), news items, native resident stories and food items.

While its tips don’t embody rates, World Health Organization Pays Writers reports rates locomote between $0.50-$1.50 per word.


Write travel articles regarding destinations, activities and experiences for GoNOMAD, however observe that this web site seeks items that meet its vogue and focus.

GoNOMAD’s tips say, “If you write for GoNomad, it’s best to avoid vade mecum jargon, promotional hoopla, and additional fluff.” Articles square measure generally 800-2,000 words and a close list of locations and topics the publication is seeking is accessible in its tips.

Pay is $25 per article.

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7. The obstinate Post

The obstinate Post is an internet publication for mid-range to upmarket socially aware travelers. It’s craving for writers for occurrence items and to figure with on a daily basis to contribute image stories, travel options, “Top 5” listicles and a lot of.

Payment varies supported expertise, feature length and writing samples.

8. National Geographic individual

This magazine appearance for contemporary content and stories that share the spirit of every destination. every issue generally includes regarding 5 options, with regarding 0.5 on U.S. destinations and 0.5 covering international travel. It aims to hide places regular folks will go, not simply the rich.

Stories vary from 750 words for a department to up to a pair of,500 words for a feature. Pay is competitive.

9. Travel + Leisure Magazine

While this magazine doesn’t have specific submission tips on-line, Freedom with Writing says this magazine is written ninety five % by freelancers on assignment and pays up to $1 a word.

10. Arizona Highways Magazine

Arizona travelers have faith in this magazine for destination-based ideas, additionally the} publication also encourages travelers to return to Arizona.

Check its tips to visualize once queries (typically on specific locations) square measure accepted. this era is commonly in March. Pay varies.

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11. Canadian Geographic Magazine

Write about Canada’s folks, frontiers, places and problems during this magazine that comes out sixfold a year.

It buys regarding thirty options a year and pay varies.

12. Delta Sky Magazine

This airline magazine seeks stories regarding travel, modus vivendi and business. options square measure generally 600-2,000 words, however shorter items will contain as few as a hundred words.

Payment varies and also the magazine encompasses a four-month time interval.

13. DesertUSA Magazine

Desert lovers will write all regarding the North yank desert during this publication targeting people who love the natural and cultural history of the region. Wildlife, adventure, history, desert mental object, and travel stories square measure in demand.

Articles with photos receive payment of $50.

14. Escapees Magazine

RV travelers with stories to inform and knowledge to share may contemplate submitting to Escapees Magazine, that focuses on recreational vehicle modus vivendi.The publication solely accepts absolutely written articles on specification.

Pay is up to $150 per article.

15. Hana Hou! Magazine

Hana Hou! appearance for a contemporary battle Hawaii travel, culture, people, and life.

Pay ranges from $50 to $175 for a few departments, with others pay forty cents per word.

16. KANSAS! Magazine

Celebrate the wonders of Kansas with this publication offered by Kansas touristry and partner organizations.

Most readers square measure locals over the age of fifty. Payment varies.

17. la Times Travel

The travel section of the la Times appearance for items with a powerful visual element.

journeys should be taken within the previous 2 years and writers should follow specific moral tips.

as well as not receiving comped travel.

Payment varies.

18. MotorHome Magazine

This publication for recreational vehicle enthusiasts needs travel stories with AN recreational vehicle angle.

It pays up to $900 for technical manuscripts with photos, and fewer for shorter items.

19. Beaver State Coast Magazine

Write regarding Oregon’s gorgeous coastal region and tell stories about everything from day-long driving tours to eating place options and historical sites.

Payment ranges from $100 to $650 looking on story sort and word count.

20. Pathfinders Travel

This magazine appearance for contemporary ideas and stories regarding travel and also the travel trade. Its main audience is African Americans.

Stories generally pay $150.

21. Road and Travel

Road and Travel focuses on automotive, travel and private safety articles, as well as articles that attractiveness to feminine business travelers.

The magazine pays up to $100 per article.

22. Sunset Magazine

This magazine focuses on thirteen Western states and desires “take action” travel ideas yet as destinations that supply a spread of experiences and “soft adventures.”

Pay varies.

23. Trailer Life Magazine

This publication accepts stories regarding the recreational vehicle modus vivendi. Payment ranges from $100 for atiny low piece to $700 for a technical feature with photos.

24. Transitions Abroad Magazine

This publication for folks that live abroad is craving for a spread of items regarding operating, living and learning abroad, yet as cultural and preparation travel.

Pay is usually $50 to $150 for AN one,500-2,000-word article for the online.

25. Open Skies

Emirates Airlines’ inflight magazine offers opportunities to jot down regarding travel and modus vivendi topics.

Rates vary.

26. Verge Magazine

Travelers aged 17-40 square measure the target market for Verge. It seeks articles regarding volunteering, operating and learning overseas and pays ten cents Canadian (about $0.07 USD) per word for first-time contributors.

27. Alaska Airlines Magazine

This monthly in-flight magazine for Alaska Airlines seeks business, travel, technology and temperament articles, among different topics.

Rates vary from $150 to $700 looking on the subject, length and treatment of a writing.

28. WestJet Magazine

This airline’s Canadian lifestyle-travel publication needs stories starting from business executive tips and service-oriented recommendation to native preparation and options.

Payment varies.

29. Via Magazine

The yank Automobile Association publishes Via Magazine, that focuses on motorcar travel out West.

Payment varies and you’ll be able to request tips by emailing viamail@viamagazine.com.

30. aortic aneurysm geographical region individual

This magazine covers the western region, as well as Missouri, southern Illinois and Indiana, at the side of jap Kansas.

A 1,200-word feature generally pays $400, with a further $150 doable if it’s conjointly revealed within the magazine’s sister publication.

31. NM Magazine

Showcase North American nation|Land of Enchantment|NM|American state}’s wealthy setting and culture through this publication of the New Mexico touristry Department. simple fraction of readers board the state and also the out-of-state readers generally visit doubly a year some. The magazine appearance for an energetic editorial combine, with articles that show readers things they’ll waste NM.

Pay is usually 35-40 cents per word.

32. Roads and Kingdoms

Though it’s solely been around for many years, Roads and Kingdoms is gathering up the accolades, receiving the Society of yank Travel Writer’s gold award for Best Travel Journalism web site.

Read the positioning totally for the simplest probability at acceptance, and make certain to only pitch a paragraph or 2 (not a complete manuscript).

Pays $150 for options, $25 for brief items

33. Texas Highways

Texas’ official travel magazine reaches five hundred,000 readers in fifty four countries every month. it’s craving for items that includes “scenery, history, tiny cities, and out-of-the-way places.”

Pays fifty cents per word.

34. EnRoute

Air Canada’s inflight magazine seeks stories with a powerful sense of place (not easy travel roundup pieces). Pitches should feature destinations that Air Canada or Star Alliance members fly to.

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