where is bahari sharqi and how much peoples living there

bahari sharqi jandanwala bhakkar

what is bahari sharqi and where is it

the bahari  sharqi is a village of tehsil kallur kot ,District bhakkar, punjab, pakistan near ali khel jandanwala . Its total population consist of about 3000 people. Most of its people farm  farming.

young generation interested in joining army or security forces like air force rangers and pakistan army.

now in these days some people are trying to visa to foreign countries like dubai and saudi arabia

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in this village many costs (bradaries) are living like chadhar ,awan, sandi, bhatti, mochies, muslim sheikh (musali)

and some bunseen .

bahari sharqi have 2 government primary schools. 1 for boys and 1 for girls.

bahari is in Boundaries of  nearly police station of jandanwala

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there are some shops for  eating tips (karyana shops) 1 taler shop and 1 patrol and diesel agency.

there is no hospital and government doctor .

It often hen the room to be made with home bricks.

there are many people poor but having own homes.

two villages ali khel and shaheedan are connected with a link road to bahari sharqi.

bahari sharqi is in  pp 47 and na 73 area.

last election 2013 win world’s 2nd corrupted party noon league’s member abdul majeed khan khanan khel.

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