25 top Common WordPress Errors and How to Fix him

wordpress errors

While WordPress is really simple to use, there ar some common WordPress errors that may cause you to panic.

The great issue is that the WordPress errors you are seeing on your web site is most likely been according and resolved by somebody before you.

we written tutorials on the way to fix many popular WordPress errors.

during this article, we are going to cover the twenty five most typical WordPress errors at the side of showing you the way to repair all of those common WordPress errors.

Common WordPress Errors and the way to repair Them

Before making an attempt to repair any WordPress errors, ensure that you simply have a whole WordPress backup.

you’ll use BackupBuddy or use this tutorial to manually produce a WordPress backup.
In case you’re unable to resolve your issue from the steps mentioned during this article, then please contact your WordPress hosting company.

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1 how to fix Internal server error

Fix Internal Server Error

Perhaps the foremost confusing WordPress errors that a beginner might bump into is “Internal Server Error”, or generally “500 Internal Server Error”.
This error sometimes seems once there’s one thing wrong, however the server is unable to spot wherever the matter is. Since the error message doesn’t indicate wherever you must hunt for the error, it’s just about up to you to work this out.

We have compiled a listing of solutions that you simply will attempt to one among them can assist you resolve it. [Fix internal server error]

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2. the way to Fix syntax error in WordPress

How to Fix Syntax Error in WordPress

Syntax error in WordPress
This error sometimes happens after you are attempting to feature code snippets into WordPress and have accidentally missed one thing or the code has incorrect syntax. this may result into a PHP break down error and you may see a notice like:
Parse error- syntax error, unexpected $end in /public_html/site1/wp-content/themes/my-theme/functions.php on line 278

The error message would indicate the sudden issue found within the code and therefore the location of the script wherever the error occurred with line variety. to repair this issue you may need to correct the syntax. Most of the time it’s a missing bracket, or some sudden character within the code. [Fix software error in WordPress]

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3. the way to Fix the Error Establishing a database connection in WordPress

How to Fix Syntax Error in WordPress

Error establishing database connection
This error message is evident that your web site is unable to attach to the information. but determination this error are often difficultfor beginners.

Usually this happens once a user has entered or changed their database credentials (database host, database username, and information password) incorrectly. generally your information server may well be unresponsive, or your information might have corrupted.
However, principally it’s incorrect database login credentials. Take a glance at common solutions for this downside. [Fix error establishing database connection in WordPress]

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4. how to Fix the WordPress White Screen of Death

How to Fix the WordPress White Screen of Death

White screen of death error in WordPress
This error sometimes results into a plain white screen with no error message. This makes it the foremost puzzling as a result of you have got no clue wherever to seem and what to repair.

Most of the time it’s caused once a script exhausts PHP memory limit. It also can happen because of a configuration on the server. it’sadditionally possible that a user would solely see white screen of death on sure sections of their web site. [See the way to fix WordPress white screen of death]

5. the way to Fix WordPress Posts Returning 404 Error

How to Fix WordPress Posts Returning 404 Error

WordPress posts returning 404 error
The symptoms of this error is that once a user visits one post on their web site they get a 404 page – not found error.

The user will browse all alternative sections of their web site together with the admin space. the foremost common reason for this issue is permalink settings in WordPress. to resolve this issue a user would wish to reconfigure their permalinks settings or manually update their rewrite rules. [Fix WordPress posts returning 404 error]

6. the way to Fix the Sidebar Below Content Error in WordPress

How to Fix the Sidebar Below Content Error in WordPress

Sidebar showing below content
Another common issue beginners face is once the sidebar seems below the content once it’s alleged to seem next to the content. This issue is usually caused by WordPress themes.

Sometimes once users ar adding code snippets to their web site, they will accidentally forget to shut associate degree hypertext mark-up language div tag or add an additional closing div which can result into breaking the theme layout. Another common cause is usingdisproportionate width in CSS or not clearing float properly. [Fix sidebar showing below content error in WordPress]

7. the way to Fix White Text and Missing Buttons in WordPress Visual Editor

How to Fix White Text and Missing Buttons in WordPress Visual Editor

Missing buttons in WordPress TinyMCE visual editor
Sometimes buttons from WordPress visual editor might disappear or begin showing blank white areas rather than buttons.

This downside might occur once concatenated JavaScript isn’t operating. it’s going to additionally caused by missing or corrupt TinyMCE files, or conflict with another plugin that modifies or extends the TinyMCE shipped with WordPress. [Fix white text and missing buttons in WordPress visual editor]

8. Fix: WordPress Memory Exhausted Error – Increase PHP Memory

WordPress Memory Exhausted Error Increase PHP Memory

Memory size error
Indications of this error may well be a white screen of death, or an error message like this one:
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 2348617 bytes) in /home/username/public_html/site1/wp-includes/plugin.php on line xxx

This error happens once a WordPress script or a plugin exhausts the default allotted memory size limit. [Fix WordPress memory exhausted error]

9. What to try to to after you ar locked Out of WordPress Admin (wp-admin)

What To Do When You Are Locked Out of WordPress Admin (wp-admin)

Locked out of WordPress admin space
Sometimes you’ll end up bolted out of the WordPress admin space. this might happen if you forgot your password and don’t need to access to password recovery email.

A plugin or code that incorrectly tries to create some changes into admin section also can lock you out. you’ll additionally lose access to admin space because of a hacked WordPress web site. [Fix bolted out of WordPress admin issue]

10. the way to Fix WordPress Login Page Refreshing and Redirecting Issue

How to Fix WordPress Login Page Refreshing and Redirecting Issue

WordPress login redirect error
Symptoms of this issue ar that once a user makes an attempt to login to the WordPress dashboard, they’re redirected by WordPress back to the login page.

Most of the time it happens because of incorrect values for web site address and residential URL fields in WordPress choices table. It also can be caused by poorly organized permalink settings or redirects setup within the .htaccess file. [Fix WordPress login page refreshing and redirecting issue]

11. the way to Fix Image upload Issue in WordPress

How to Fix Image Upload Issue in WordPress

WordPress image upload problems
Sometimes a user would suddenly notice that every one the pictures from their web site ar gone and ar showing broken image placeholders. once the user tries to transfer a picture to a post using the media uploader, it results into miscalculation.

All these files within the media library can seem as broken. This error happens because of incorrect file and directory permissions in an exceedingly WordPress installation. variety of things might cause this issue. [Fix image transfer problems in WordPress]

12. the way to Fix Common Image problems in WordPress

How to Fix Common Image Issues in WordPress

Common image problems in WordPress
Uploading pictures to a WordPress web site are often confusing for somebody unaccustomed WordPress. A user could also beunable to search out out the way to align pictures, size or crop them, or show them in an exceedingly gallery format.

This is not miscalculation or issue in WordPress. you only ought to inform yourself with however WordPress handles media. [Fix common image problems in WordPress]

13. the way to Fix “Are You sure you want to do This” Error in WordPress

How to Fix “Are You Sure You Want to Do This” Error in WordPress

Are you sure you wish to try to to this error in WordPress
Users might bump into this error in WordPress admin space.

The foremost common reason for this error may be a plugin or theme failing to use time being properly.

Nonce ar special security keys which can be appended to URLs once acting associate degree admin action in WordPress.

Generally a plugin or theme might use it incorrectly which can result into users seeing this error. [Fix ar you certain you wish to try to to this error in WordPress]

14. the way to Fix briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance Error in WordPress

How to Fix Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance Error in WordPress

WordPress unavailable for maintenance error
Sometimes because of associate degree unfinished or interrupted WordPress update, you would possibly see “Briefly unavailable for scheduled Maintenance” error in WordPress.

What happens there’s that WordPress puts your web site in maintenance mode throughout associate degree update. If for a few reason the update is interrupted, then WordPress doesn’t get the possibility to place your web site out of the upkeep mode. This error would lock down your entire web site and create it unavailable for admins still as guests. [Fix shortly unavailable for maintenance error]

15. the way to Fix WordPress Not sending Email Issue

How to Fix WordPress Not Sending Email Issue

Fixing WordPress not causation email issue
The most common symptom of this downside isn’t receiving any contact type or WordPress notification emails from your web site.
This issue is sometimes caused  result of most shared hosting suppliers disable or limit the module used for causation emails to stop their servers from abuse. [Fix WordPress not causation email issue]

16. the way to Fix WordPress RSS Feed Errors

How to Fix WordPress RSS Feed Errors

Fixing RSS feed errors in WordPress
Most WordPress RSS feed errors ar caused by poor format. you’ll see errors like these:
XML Parsing Error: XML or text declaration not at begin of entity
Location: http://example.com/feed
Line number 2, Column 1:

Depending on what browser you’re mistreatment, your RSS feed error message might vary. you’ll additionally see this error message once visiting your introduce a browser.
Warning: Cannot modify header data – headers already sent by (output started at /home/username/example.com/wp-content/themes/twentysixteen/functions.php:433) in /home/username/example.com/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 1228

WordPress outputs RSS feeds in XML that may be a strict terminology. A missing line break or an additional tab will break your RSS feed. [Fix WordPress RSS feed errors]

17. the way to Fix 403 forbidden Error in WordPress

How to Fix 403 Forbidden Error in WordPress

403 forbidden error code is shown once your server permissions don’t permit access to a selected page. this is often why the error is sometimes in the course of the text

like this – 403 forbidden – You don’t have permission to access ‘/’ on this server.

Additionally a 403 forbidden error was encountered where attempting to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
There ar totally different eventualities after you will see this error. Incorrect file permissions, poorly coded security plugins, or server configuration ar the foremost common culprits. [Fix 403 impermissible error in WordPress]

18. the way to Fix Error Too many Redirects Issue in WordPress

How to Fix Error Too Many Redirects Issue in WordPress

Too several redirects error in WordPress
This error sometimes happens because of a misconfigured redirection issue. As you recognize that WordPress has SEO friendly address Structure that uses the airt operate. many alternative widespread WordPress plugins additionally use the airt practicalitystill.

Due to a misconfiguration in any of those redirection tools, your web site might find yourself redirecting users to a address that’s trulyredirecting them back to the referring address. in this case the user’s browser is unfree between 2 pages inflicting a airt loop. [Fix too several redirects issue in WordPress]

19. the way to Fix “Upload: failed to Write File to Disk” Error in WordPress

How to Fix “Upload: Failed to Write File to Disk” Error in WordPress

Upload failing error in WordPress
This error will occur because of variety of reasons. However, the foremost common one is wrong folder permissions.
Each file and folder on your web site includes a set of permissions. Your net server controls access to the files supported these permissions.

Incorrect permissions to a folder will remove your ability to put in writing files on server. this suggests your net server cannot produce or add new files thereto explicit folder. [Fix Upload: did not write file to disk error]

20. the way to Fix “This web site ahead contains harmful programs” Error in WordPress

How to Fix “This site ahead contains harmful programs” Error in WordPress

Harmful programs error in Google Chrome
Google marks a web site with this warning if they notice any suspicious code that would be a malware or trojan.

generally the rationale for this is often that your website is hacked and  currently won’t to distribute malicious code.

Another common reason for this error is showing ads from quality advertising networks. These networks might someday show ads linking to websites distributing malicious code. [Fix web site ahead contains harmful programs error in WordPress]

21. the way to Fix the missed Schedule Post Error in WordPress

How to Fix the Missed Schedule Post Error in WordPress

Missed post schedule
WordPress has  glorious feature that enables you to schedule posts to be mechanically printed at a given time.

Most bloggers deem the longer term to manage their business enterprise schedule.

However, generally WordPress will miss scheduled posts because of variety of reasons. If this went on to you over many times then you would like to deal with this issue. [Fix incomprehensible schedule post error in WordPress]

22. the way to Fix Fatal Error: maximum Execution Time Exceeded in WordPress

How to Fix Fatal Error Maximum Execution Time Exceeded in WordPress

Maximum execution time error in WordPress
WordPress is coded chiefly in PHP artificial language to guard net servers from abuse there is a closing date set for the way long a PHP script will run.

Some WordPress hosting suppliers have set this price to a better level whereas others might have set it to a lower level. once a script reaches the utmost execution closing date, it results into most execution time exceeded error. [Fix most execution time exceeded error in WordPress]

23. the way to Fix Facebook Incorrect thumbnail Issue in WordPress

How to Fix Facebook Incorrect Thumbnail Issue in WordPress

Setting Facebook thumbnail in WordPress mistreatment Yoast SEO
There ar several reasons that may stop Facebook from properly shot the correct thumbnail image.

one among the foremost common reason has multiple pictures set within the og:image tag wherever your featured image is smaller than remainder of the pictures.

Facebook uses Open Graph (og) tags and plugins like Yoast SEO automatically ads them to your web site to stop missing thumbnail issue.

[Fix Facebook incorrect fingernail issue in WordPress]

24. the way to Fix WordPress Keeps logging Out problem

How to Fix WordPress Keeps Logging Out Problem

WordPress keeps work out
WordPress sets a cookie in your browser to manifest a login session. This cookie is about for the WordPress address keep in your settings section.

If you are accessing from a address that doesn’t match the one in your WordPress settings,.

then WordPress won’t be able to manifest your session. [Fix WordPress keeps work out problem]

25. Troubleshooting WordPress Errors on Your Own

We have coated a number of the foremost common WordPress errors during this article. However, the important power of WordPress comes from thousands of plugins

and themes that you simply will use on your web site. Any plugin or theme put in on your web site willcause errors.

It might become very laborious for beginners to search out  what’s inflicting the matter on their web site and the way they will fix it.

We have compiled complete step by step orient troubleshooting WordPress errors for beginners.

it’ll assist you find out how to diagnose WordPress problems and the way to repair them sort of a professional.

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