marriage Green Card Interview -Preparation and Questions

The green card interview typically takes place from three months when your application is filed with USCIS. it’s necessary to properly prepare for your marriage green card interview, otherwise you might expertise a delay within the approval of your case, or worse, your application can be denied if you don’t gift the right info at your interview.
Here ar pointers on making ready for and attending the marriage green card interview:

marriage green card interview


Always air time for your marriage green card interview. arrange to gain least half-hour before to your appointment.
Dress formally and guardedly, such as you ar attending to employment interview.

Listen and answer the the USCIS officer’s queries. The USCIS officer is just given a brief quantity of your time to conduct the marriage green card interview for every couple. Keep your answers transient and to the purpose.

Do not guess on anything:

The denial of the many marriage based migrator visa cases have one factor in common: people’s perspective that they need to relinquish a solution and dead reckoning.

one among the most important mistakes an individual will create is to guess once he or she doesn’t understand the solution to a selected question. it’s fine to mention that you just don’t bear in mind rather than dead reckoning the solution.

You have nothing to study for the marriage green card interview: bear in mind that there’s nothing that you just ought to learn by memory for the interview. There are not any specific take a look at queries prescribed for the migrator interview that you just ought to study.


What we tend to mean by this is often if the officer asks what was the date after you last entered the U.S.? And you can not bear in mind you’re allowed to seem at your I-485 type, Page 1, for the Date of Last Arrival. That’s it.

If the USCIS officer suspects throughout the marriage green card interview that the marriage might not be real they will separate you and interview you severally. whereas not essentially designed to be difficult the queries will doubtless trip up spouses that aren’t accustomed to each other.

Be ready with the right documents at your marriage green card interview: Carry a group of original documents and a whole set of duplicate copies that you just will provide to the USCIS officer. you’re expected to produce sure documentation to prove the validity of your marriage.

The documents requested embrace, but aren’t limited to, wedding invites, wedding pictures, birth certificates of any kids you’ll have along, property leases with each names featured, pictures of special occasions spent along, joint checking account statements, and different joint monetary documents.

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Sample marriage green card Interview Questions:

What is your current address?
Who lives at your address?
What your cell #?
What is your spouse’s cell #?
What is your spouse’s date of birth?
How, once and wherever did you meet your spouse?
How many days when you initially saw her/him did you call her/him?
When did you see your spouse a second time?
What did you are doing with her/him?
Where and with whom did your spouse live after you met your
Did she ever return up to envision you?
Where did your spouse equivalent work after you met your him/her?
What style of work did he/she do?
Where did your spouse equivalent work after you met? What style of work did

your spouse equivalent do?

What style of work will your spouse equivalent do?
What is your spouse’s work schedule?
What is your spouse’s salary?
Are each of those salaries deposited into a similar bank account?
What checking account does one use?
Did your spouse equivalent have a automotive after you met? What model, color, etc?
Are these the cars you and your spouse equivalent current drive?
If not, once did you and/or your spouse equivalent amendment cars?
If you currently have cars what proportion cash is owed on them? what proportion
is the monthly payment?
How long did you and your spouse equivalent date before obtaining married?
When did you and your spouse conceive to get married? Was there a
proposal? UN agency proposed? once and wherever did it take place?
Did you and your spouse equivalent live along before your marriage?
When, where, how long?
When did you and your spouse equivalent move in together?

When did you get married?

If you had a celebration, what food/beverages were served?
Did you and your spouse equivalent proceed a honeymoon? If affirmative, wherever did you
How did you buy the honeymoon travel package, or UN agency created the
How long did you travel for?
How did you get to your honeymoon destination?
Who pays the rent/mortgage? however is it paid? (Do you mail it?
Hand-deliver it?)
Where will your landowner live, or what company holds the mortgage
on your property?
How many sleeping rooms will your home have?
Are all the sleeping rooms on a similar facet of the home?
What size bed does one and your spouse equivalent have?
Describe the items of furnishings in your bedroom?

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