7 Free keyword Ranking tracking Tools

If you’re responsible of watching a website’s keyword ranking , you’ll not have the time to manually check to see however you rank, or the budget to take a position in an expensive rank checking software or on-line rank checking tool.

employing a free rank checking tool is usually the simplest choice for several little businesses who only got to monitor a small batch of target keywords, and there ar lots of nice choices to choose from.

Before you choose on the simplest rank tracker tool for you, I’d suggest that you simply attempt all of them out. Some free keyword tracking tools don’t always deliver the foremost correct results, and it’s hard to mention that tools ar additional correct than others.

local results, video snippets and different results will influence however your website is ranked across completely different search checking tools, thus you’ll have to be compelled to resolve for yourself if the tools ar correct indicators of your own site’s keyword ranking .

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Plus they’re all free, thus what does one have to lose?

Traffic Travis
Website: http://www.traffictravis.com/

Sign up to Traffic Travis, and that they can send you a link to transfer their package to your pc. sadly for macintosh users, they don’t have a version that’s compatible for you however. As of these days, you’ll created five comes, and find five hundred free keywords to trace with a free version.

Traffic Travis conjointly ties in keyword search volume knowledge in an exceedingly tab next to your keyword ranking , thus you don’t got to head over to the Adwords Keyword Planner to urge a way of what number searches your keywords get each month.

While five hundred keywords feels like generous range of keywords to track, you’ll solely use it slenderly. as a result of Traffic Travis operates from your pc and not an online primarily based interface, Google and different search engines might block your science address quickly if you create too several ranking requests in an exceedingly short amount of your time. in addition, if you get blocked, everybody who is additionally connected to an equivalent net is additionally quickly blocked, and you don’t need to be that person.

There ar quite few different further options to Traffic Travis that you simply will get for free:

Backlink analysis
On page analysis and suggestions
Competitor analysis
Link prospect creator (Definitely do that out!)
If you’re not about to use Traffic Travis to trace your keywords, you must a minimum of use it for a few of those super cool options. Once you register, take the time and watch a number of their introduction videos to urge the droop of their interface.

traffic travis keyword ranking tools

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SEO Book keyword Ranking Checker
Website: http://tools.seobook.com/firefox/rank-checker/

This one’s a private favorite, as I’ve used it within the past to urge a fast sense of however an internet site is playacting with an outsized list of keywords.

not like different free tools which may take some minutes or longer to present you rankings for keywords, SEO Book’s tool works terribly quickly, supplying you with keyword ranking results for Google, Yahoo and Bing.

SEO Book solely works for Firefox, thus if you’re a vigorous Firefox user, then this can be the proper tool for your rank checking desires.

Once you’ve got SEO Book Rank Checker put in and open, choose “Add Multiple Keywords” and add in your you’ve got the flexibility to ascertain the rankings of up to a hundred keywords at a time that you simply will export to a CSV file.


Like Traffic Travis, you’ve got to take care to not use SEO Book too ofttimes as you’ll get blocked from Google for too several keyword ranking requests.

SEO Book conjointly doesn’t store your keyword ranking over time, thus you’ll have to be compelled to export your rankings on an everyday basis to trace ranking changes over time. whereas you’re putting in SEO Book, take a glance at a number of the opposite tools that and articles that they need listed on their website here.

ronik keyword ranking tools


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SEO SERP worktable
Website: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/seo-serp-workbench/ehbgolklgacemnfnmkkpgekngaaggjjl

SEO SERP worktable works as associate degree app that’s put in to your Google Chrome browser. Once you’ve got it put in, attend the Sites tab and take away the default websites listed by choosing “remove all”. Then, fill the list along with your web site and every one of your prime challenger websites.

As you begin to use SEO SERP worktable, you’ll understand however straightforward it’s to feature keywords and competitors, which you’ll simply get anxious with trailing keywords and competitors that aren’t relevant to your web site.

While there isn’t a CSV export choice, you are doing have the flexibility to get reports in their interface. you’ll compare your website’s position next to your competitors in an exceedingly line graph supported the web site position requests that you simply have created within the past.

Unfortunately, all of this needs to be done manually, as SEO SERP worktable won’t mechanically check your web site rankings for you.

Like many different tools on this list, you’ve got to take care regarding doing too several ranking requests. in addition, it might be nice if this extension might synchronise with different browsers – for those folks with multiple computers or for those that would love to share this knowledge with coworkers.

The fact that there’s no limit to the number of knowledge you will input combined with the very fact that you simply can track your web site associate degreed your competitors’ over time makes this an impressive free tool to possess in your arsenal and one my favorites during this list.

Microsite Masters
Website: http://www.micrositemasters.com/

With Microsite Masters, you’ll track up to ten keywords for as several websites as you would like. In different words, five keywords for two sites, one keyword for ten sites, etc.

Microsite Masters conjointly solely operates in an internet interface, thus you don’t got to worry regarding obtaining blocked by Google.

Microsite Masters is nice for anyone  would rather get alerted regarding their keyword ranking rather than manually prying and checking them.

the Microsite Masters will email you daily reports on your best and worst playacting keywords, thus you’ll access your keyword ranking on the go.

While some free trailing services allow you to produce reports without charge, you’ve got to upgrade to a minimum of a $20/month conceive to do this through Microsite Masters.

It’s conjointly not that simple to urge around, as you furthermore may have to be compelled to upgrade so as to be able to export your keyword ranking knowledge to a CSV file.

All in all, Microsite Masters will the work, and works fine if you’re solely mistreatment the information for your own reference.

Tiny Rocket workplace
Website: www.tinyrocketlab.com

Tiny Rocket workplace could be a nice very little tool for trailing up to ten keywords without charge. It doesn’t extremely do over that, however it’s a awfully clean and straightforward interface and isn’t untidy with knowledge and data that you simply wouldn’t have any use for.

Their keyword ranking graph is additionally price mentioning, as show keyword ranking from a year agone, and since it’s nice:


You have the flexibility to form and email reports without charge through small Rocket workplace, that are available in a clean and arranged pdf.

you’ll conjointly connect your Google Webmaster Tools account to import search question knowledge from GWT to present you extra keyword concepts.

Web chief operating officer (Online Version)
Website: http://www.webceo.com/

Web chief operating officer offers on-line and desktop choices, and you’ll register without charge for the net platform without charge. With the free version, you’ll track 5 keywords and make 2 comes.

In addition to trailing keywords, net chief operating officer can track four keywords with “web buzz monitoring”, value two hundred of your pages for broken links and on website optimisation, and monitor forty backlinks to your web site.

While you can’t track several keywords with net chief operating officer, they create up for it with further free options and suggestions to assist you out along with your SEO. net chief operating officer will connect with your site’s Google Analytics profile, they supply data on ranking distribution, international search statistics for your keyword, and content optimisation tips across your web site.

Google Webmaster Tools
Website: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools

Last however not least, Google Webmaster Tools provides keyword ranking knowledge without charge, and will be actively employed by any web site owner.

whereas the accuracy of Google’s knowledge in Webmaster Tools has continually been up for discussion, they supply some nice data on backlinks and internal links, structured knowledge, and also the overall health of your web site.

Once you’ve got Google Webmaster Tools properly created for your website, attend Search Traffic – Search Queries to access keyword data for your web site. read by prime Queries or prime Pages, kind|and kind} by media type and site to access the traffic that’s most relevant to you. you’ll conjointly star vital queries for fast future reference.

google webmasters tools keyword ranking

While Google Webmaster Tools offers some impressive knowledge for your web site, there ar some downsides.

If you price historical knowledge, Greenwich Mean Time doesn’t provide a lot of facilitate. You’ll have to be compelled to export a untidy .csv file of your search question knowledge if you’ll need to check historical keyword ranking knowledge for future use.

The accuracy of GWT knowledge has conjointly inherit question on multiple occasions, that the knowledge you see ought to be used as estimates and not solid numbers.
You can’t add an internet site that you simply cannot verify to Google Webmaster Tools, thus you won’t be able to see however your website stacks up against your prime competitors.

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