5 best camping sites in pakistan

looking for 5 best camping sites in pakistan

If you are travel buddy and are desire to travel camping then rest assured that pakistan is that the right stop for you. There are 5 best camping sites in pakistan with unmatched beauty.


5 best camping sites in pakistan concordia

Concordia is that the most lovely place on the world and one  of 5 best camping sites in pakistan, it lies within the heart of the Karakoram Range in pakistan. Concordia offers the region’s best place to camp for mountain enthusiasts not concerned in ascent. this can be additionally known as “The Throne space of The Mountain Gods”.

Fairy Meadows/Nanga Parbat Base Camp

5 best camping sites in pakistan fairy meadows nanga parbat base camp


It is the most effective place to look at the royal great thing about nanga parbat in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Fairy grassland may be a field close to nanga parbat.

Most of the guests WHO come back to examine mountain peak lodge in Fairy Meadows. Fairy Meadows ar placed near the bottom camp with spectacular views of the massive mountain.

Deosai Plateau 

deosai base camp

Deosai highland is that the second highest highland. In summers an oversized sort of flowers growing there. guests will do trout fishing and camping also to fancy such a stunning place .The read of nanga parbat additionally watched from that place.

Rakaposhirakaposhi base camp
Rakaposhi is one in every of the foremost famed mountains within the world. it’s placed in Nagar vale, Nagar District around a hundred kilometers north of the capital town Gilgit in Gilgit-Baltistan.

Rakaposhi’s means that “Snow Covered”.

the Rakaposhi is additionally known as Dumani (“Mother of Mist”). The vary is called twelfth highest in pakistan and twenty seventh highest within the world, but it’s much more famed for its gorgeousness than its rank.

Rakaposhi includes a rise of around 6000 m (19, 685 feet), thus it’s referred to as the tallest peak on earth once measured from the bottom.

Dudipatsar Lake

dudipatsar lake base camp
Near the Babusar prime at the Babusar lies the “Dudipatsar Lake” that may be a lovely inexperienced water pool.

The term “sar” refers to lakes and is connected with the name of every lake within the space in native language.

throughout the summer season once the water of the lake reflects sort of a mirror, an enormous variety of holiday makers from the country come back to fancy the fascinating views and awful weather.

5 best lakes of paksitan

Dudipatsar Lake (Dudipat Sar in native language) is set at regarding six or seven hours hike from Besal. For 0.5 the gap, there’s comparatively steady hike over a path but subsequently the vale opens bent the wide flat Gronland.

The deep blue Dudipat Sar, at 3, 800 metres is between inexperienced slopes at regarding four, 800 meters, with snow sections within the shady hollows.

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