some thing need to know before trip canada or Mexico


What do i would like to trip canada or Mexico?

Different countries could have completely different travel document needs. it’s best to visualize with the country you’re visiting to work out the suitable travel document necessities (for instance, whether or not you would like a passport and/or visa). you’ll be able to verify additional by concerning the U.S. Department of State web site.

Travel to canada

For questions on trip canada contact the Canadian Border Services Agency.


Travel to mexico

Warning: it’s illicit to hold Firearms or ammunition into mexico.

For border crossing data, tune into the port of entry’s Loop Radio on 1620 AM. To report drug and alien importing, decision (956) 542-5811 within the U.S., 001800-0105237 from mexico.

Prohibited/Permissible things

All articles non heritable in canada and mexico should be declared. there’s associate $800 exemption for gifts and private articles, together with one cubic decimetre of alcoholic beverages per person over twenty one each thirty days.
Check with State first principle laws and also the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) concerning individual state necessities.
Cuban cigars ar prohibited.
Check with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) regarding commerce any medications before crossing into mexico.

Why Canada will come to regret its embrace of refugees

CBP contains a policy on illicit medication. Any type, in any quantity, could lead to serious fines, seizure of car, federal record and/or imprisonment.
Switchblade knives, marine turtle boots or the other articles of species (i.e. noticed cats, coral, crocodile, elephant, etc.) ar prohibited.
Prohibited/Permissible Agricultural things

Most fruits, together with oranges and apples ar prohibited.
Do not take U.S. fruits and meats to mexico. you can’t bring them back.
Before you visit mexicoo, raise a CBP Agriculture Specialist for a listing of things you’ll be able to bring back.
Fines of $300 to $1,000 could result if you fail to declare agricultural things.

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