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Zenith Irfan, the motorbike ride of a brave lady in pakistan.The Hunza valley with a spectacular landscape of mountains; Sost on the border with China; and therefore the passage of Khunjerab to 4,733 m of altitude.
A_road-sign_on_way_to_KhunjerabA 3,000 kilometer journey difficult the customs of a conservative and paternal society to attain a dream
Zenith Irfan, the motorbike ride of a brave lady in pakistan.

Zenith irfan biker lady in  pakistan
Zenith Irfan was the primary Pakistani lady to pass by motorbike within the north of the country.

In Lahore, Pakistan, a 21-year-old woman World Health Organization has lessened barriers lives. She is termed celestial point Irfan, and is that the 1st Pakistani lady to form a 3,000 metric linear unit journey on a bike.

He dared to defy a paternal and conservative society, wherever some behaviors, like his, will be thought of as AN affront to family honor and may be tortured, especially, in those ladies who get to exercise freedom.

The idea arose sooner or later gazing acquainted pictures within which his father appeared, he accustomed dream of traveling round the world on a bike, however his premature death, once she was solely ten months recent, failed to enable her to meet that want, so , inspired by her mother and her brother, determined to lead off a journey through northern Asian country to the Khunjerab Pass.

For three weeks, within the summer of 2015, riding his motorbike and along with his brother, he visited places like: islamabad, the trendy and cosmopolitan islamabad, Naran, within the Kaghan natural depression, encircled by mountains and fields at two,500m altitude The Shigar natural depression is that the entryway to the high Karakorum Range Mountains

The unreal and deserted plains of Deosai; Skardu, the most tourer base for access to a number of the foremost known peaks within the world.

town of Gilgit, nearly essential for those that need to travel to the Himalayas;

The Hunza natural depression with a spectacular landscape of mountains Sost on the border with China and therefore the passage of Khunjerab to 4,733 kilometers of altitude.

Absolutely fascinating places that stunned him by its beauty and hardness. And contrary to what was expected though he met with some detractors most were happy to check a lady riding a bike.

He reportable his adventures on Facebook, and has already got twenty,000 followers with many messages of support.

travelog This has been a private challenge that has impressed alternative Pakistani ladies, the way of showing the globe that gender mustn’t be a limitation in any case. additionally.

zenith’s facebook page 1 girl 2 wheel

she is aware of that little actions like her own facilitate amendment the mentality of a rustic wherever ladies have only a few rights.

At the instant he has centered on his studies and has not planned a lot of visits, though he would love to still recognize his country.

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