what is Iran prepaid travel card

Iran prepaid travel card

Iran prepaid travel card

Iran prepaid travel card is a credit in Iranian Rial cash with an assigned expiry date which is issued for tourists against outside monetary standards (Dollar, Euro) got from them and it can be utilized as a part of the entire Iranian managing an account framework. It must be noticed that the trade rates are controlled by advertise money rates.

A Prepaid Tourist Card is given to customers with selective passwords. There are two passwords for each card. To start with secret key is to be utilized when the card is utilized as a part of ATMs and the second watchword is utilized for web shopping.

The two passwords can be changed in ATMs by the holder of the card.

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SPECIFICATIONS OF Iran prepaid travel card

1- It can be used throughout the Iranian banking system
2- Cash can be withdrawn in all Iranian domestic ATMs
3- Transfer of funds to Tourist Card is not possible
4- The possibility of internet shopping service, changing passwords and money transfer (local currency, Iranian Rial)
5- The unused amount in Tourist Cards can be exchanged and paid to the customers
6- The expiry date of Tourist Card will be a year after card issuance
7- There is not any limits of charging these cards but the common minimum value is $ 250. If you need other amounts(less or more) please contact to counselors.
8- The Prepaid Tourist Card service fee included 5 Euro Application fee & 4.5% Taxes + 5 Euro shipping.
9- Checking the account balance and all card transactions by ATMs, domestic Point of Sale system terminals and Bank website
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