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Become a problems solver

Problems are part of life and every living beings must face it. No matter how you try to run away from problems they still exist unknowingly or knowingly.

First and foremost, what is problem solving is the process or way of finding solutions to difficult issues or challenges. And you can’t define problem solving without problems itself.
What is problem Is a condition, challenge,or something that needs attention and needs to be handled or sloved e.g Financial,sickness,issues and complications

*problem can stop or prevent one from doing those things that brings him/her happiness.
*problem comes with depression and frustration.
You just have to think of those things about life that gives you so much concern? Is it financial problem, relationship problem or other things.
A man with so many challenges and issues is always confused and depressed.
Men with problems can end up making their wives a punching bag especially when their wives are the nagging types.
I believe we all have solutions to our problems if we sit down quietly and position these problems very well their solutions would definitely position themselves before us. Nobody has a better solution to your own problem, you have the solution yourself because it started with you.Problem can lead to the following
*Domestic Violence.
*Sleepless Night.
*Unachieveable goals.

In addition, never allow your problem to take away your joy and happiness. Some of the problem which you are facing is not more than other people’s own. Think about those in the hospital bed eating through drip and think about those breathing with oxygen. These illness are problems eaten deep down one’s pocket and soul.

Friends can also be our source of problem but life is incomplete without them. Be your problem solver because only you have the right answers to them.
Some people pray for problem and some people reject problems. The fact is that we can never run away from problems they are everywhere. God can never give us a problem without placing a solution inbetween them.
Remember you have amazing talents and unique gifts to give to the world and don’t allow your problem or anyone to steal away your peace of mine. And don’t ever think of taken your life because of stubborn problems in your life, we also have stubborn answers to that problem watch your both side and think deep for that stubborn solutions will place itself before you.
Your mind is your ultimate strength and weakness. Your mind can tell you to take your life or even push someone closer to you because of that little problem in your life. The gospel truth is that when you see a problem as heavy as rock it will surely become like that, but when you See it as small as an ant. It would become an ant which you could step on and killed and move on.
Encourage yourself and get over your problems. Prayer is always the key to all deaf problems and challenges. Read your Bible and other Christians inspirational books. And expand your mind on positive things and invest your time on something that can make a change in your life and next generation.

admin :   Israel Eria

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